Sa 27. 05.
Neon Kiss & Snoww Crystal at Donaukanaltreiben
16:00 h


16:00 Uhr
Kulturgarten WERK-Terrasse

"Dreamy walls of guitars, reverb, repetitive rhythm patterns, saccharine vocal melodies, hypnotic synth lines. Ethereal, eerie, and wintry. The Austrian band Snoww Crystal experiment with an intoxicating interpretation of the wonderfully obscured music once called “Shoegaze” and “Dreampop”. A fresh look from another direction at the epochal sounds of My Bloody Valentine and Slowdive. Syrupy melodies in the eye of the storm, a resounding crash near the shores of a sea dyed purple. Shoegaze from Vienna."

21:00 Uhr - NEON KISS
is an electro-pop duo based in Vienna, consisting of drummer Steve Matyus and singer/keyboarder Dave Reismann. The duo specializes in creating a sound which aims to bend the border between songwriting craftsmanship and modern electronic music production, borrowing from its contemporary soundscape. Their unique approach to writing and producing gives birth to the perfect mix between an eclectic range of electronic genres - such as synth-pop, drum and bass and dubstep - and a fresh, song-oriented pop sound.
In essence, NEON KISS convey a versatility that is not only reflected in the eye for detail in their studio work, but also in the skills on their respective instruments and the distinctive approach to their vibrant live shows.