Fr 30. 08.
Drum037 X Non Funxion
23:00 h


Collaboration series between DRUM & Non Funxion in Vienna.
DRUM floor :

Makadam LIVE (Non Funxion)
MÆLANIN (Non Funxion)
PoTo (Non Funxion)


Katia Curie
RIC49 (Disorder)
DIM TRICH (Non Funxion)

It feels like an eternity but we're finally back at Das Werk Wien for the 3rd edition of DRUM x NON FUNXION! On the menu this time : a live-set by Berlin-based Non Funxional Makadam, a rare but much anticipated apperance by our in-house-lady with the heavy vinyl MÆLANIN, a young talent with radioactive skills called Katia Curie, RIC49 of the notorious Disorder crew, and PoTo & DIM TRICH on th 1s and 2s.

The concept : sophisticated Techno on the big floor, and eclectic electronics (Electro, Breaks, Acid, ...) on the small floor.

Location: Das Werk Wien
Tickets: 5€ < 00h > 10€ | Doors: 23:00h

Featuring New Soundsystems.
Designed & Installed by Pro Performance.
Light by Materialschlacht.