Das WERK can fully or partially be used for parties, concerts, vernissages, film screenings, seminars, lectures, theatre, fashion shows, dance performances, etc.

For further information you can contact:

Stefan Stürzer
Email: stizz[at]daswerk.org



Technical details

LASTER FLOOR - PA by Pro Performance:

12x CBD15:                    Customised vertikales Bass-Array
  6x ALcons Audio RR12:   Speaker for the Dancefloor
  1x Xilica XD8080:          Digital Signalprocessor
  1x RAM Audio W 12044: AMP for customised Bass-Array
  1x Alcons Audio S10:     AMP for Alcons Audio RR12

LUSTER FLOOR - PA by Pro Performance:

3x Lambda Labs MF-15A:   Aktives Bass-System in Cardioid-Aufstellung
2x Lambda Labs TX-2A:     Beschallungslautsprecher für den Dancefloor
1x Xilica XD4080:              Digitaler Signalprozessor


Live Mixer:

1x Midas M-32R 40 Kanal Mixer
1x Midas DL-32 Stagebox 32in/16out

1x Behringer X-32 Mixer
1x Allen + Heath PA 28 Mixer
1x Soundcraft EFX-8 Mixer

DJ Equipment:

1x Allen&Heath XONE-92
1x Allen&Heath XONE-96
2x Pioneer Mixer DJM-750-k

4x Synq X-Trem 1 / Turntables
2x Technics 1210 MK2 / Turntables
2x CDJ Pioneer 2000 Nexus
2x CDJ Pioneer 900
2x CDJ Pioneer 850


2x RCF 4PRO-3031-A 15" Monitoring
1x RCF 4PRO-2031-A 12" Monitoring
1x RCF 312-A MK4 12" Monitoring
2x RCF 310-A 12" Monitoring

Mics & DI´S:

1x AKG C 636 BLK Mic
1x Audio Technica AE 3300 Mic
1x Audix OM7 Mic
6x Shure SM58 Mic
2x Shure SM57 Mic
1x Shure Beta 57A Mic
1x Shure Beta 91A Mic
1x Shure PGA-81 Mic
2x Sennheiser e906 Mic
1x Audix D6 Bassdrum Mic
3x Audix D2 Toms Mikrofone
2x SE 8 Electronics Overhead Mic
2x AKG C 430 Overhead Mic
1x LD 1001 Mic

2x  Radial Engineering Aktive Di Mono
3x Cordial Ces 01 Di Passive Mono
3x  Cordial Ces 02 Di Passive Stereo
1x Palmer Pan 04 Di Passive Stereo

Lightmixer & Lights:

1x Visuals Productions Cuety LPU-1 512 Channels
1x Cameo Control-54 DMX
1x Showtec Showmaster 24 MKII

18x PAR-20 LED 15W
12x Cameo Flat LED PAR 7x3W
  5x Cameo Fat LED PAR
  8x Showtec Pixel Bar 12 MK II
  4x Cameo Nano Spott 300 LED Movinghead 30W
  4x Cameo Movo Beam 100 RGBW Movinghead 60W
  4x Theaterspots 500W
  2x Moonflower
  2x Fogmachine
  1x Flashlight


Stage 5x3,5 m (expandable)

Outdoor PA for Festivals:

1x EV Subwoofer X-Sub,
2x EV Fullrange Loudspeaker PX2152
1x EV DC-ONE 24 Bit Digital Soundsystem Processor
1x dbx 266xs Compressor
1x dbx EQ 1231 Stereo
2x Yamaha AMP´s P7000S