das WERK w/ Milo Spykers


  • Samstag 12. November - 13. November 2022
  • 23:00 Uhr


Anyone who witnessed Milo Spykers at the decks, knows this experience is as powerful as it is loving. From the moment he started performing in the gritty Antwerp underground he demanded any raver’s attention. Milo loved music for as long as he can remember, electronic or not. After getting his college degree he is now fully committed to expanding his career as a DJ and producer.

Thanks to the rich Belgian heritage Milo found out about club culture at a young age. Going to his first parties as a teenager opened his eyes to a whole new world with which he instantly passionately fell in love.

Eventually he would be taking weekly trains to all the different cities scattered around Belgium to witness international house and techno DJs playing. Soon after, those trips would lead him to cities away from his home country such as Berlin and Amsterdam. It was in the thunderous halls of Berlin clubs, during endless nights, that Milo made up his mind: this is what he wanted to be a part of.

On the Lusterfloor there will be some serious Electro/Techno beats, served you by really nice local DJ’s from Vienna.


– Milo Spykers (Lenske) Belgium
– Dimitar Georgiev
– Morast

– Soulglo
– DJ Hybris
– Farr

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