ATOM WOMB – VISIONS Album Release Show – with TAXI and MANTIKORA GIO


  • Donnerstag 15. Dezember
  • 20:00 Uhr



A lot has changed, since Xavi and Luke released their first fuzzy EP „Demo Null“ in 2018. Michi joined the band on the bass and with new sources of inspiration, their sound emerged. After a year of writing songs, they started to record Atom Womb’s first album „Visions“, which came out November 11th on vinyl and is streamable on most platforms. It was recorded, mixed and mastered by their friend Max, who will also enhance this release show with his dreamy synth lines.

„human extinction“ – music video:

„lullaby for a lost soul“ – music video:


Taxi is a fast and noizy Psych/Garage Rock Band based in Vienna.
Primarily influenced by the more upbeat side of music, they also pull from electronic music and enjoy messing with strange grooves. Carpe the fucking diem!!!


Breakbeats, industrial machinery, rumble and soaring of ephemeral textures – these and other audio signals will be summoned on the fly and thrown at you from a modular synthesizer. Pan-Asian cyberpunk, industrial symphonies and carpets of crumbling phase-shifted oscillators. Seems captivating, but how does it sound?

„speedster“ (feat. shandranick) – music video: