Elektro Guzzi • Release Show supported by Gassen aus Zucker


  • Samstag 02. April - 03. April 2022
  • 20:00 Uhr


Elektro Guzzi
Release Party der neuen Platte „Triangle“
supported by Gassen aus Zucker

all Night long with Friends, Family & Guests!
Ticketlink: https://www.oeticket.com/…/elektro-guzzi-daswerk…/…
Album-VÖ: 18.März 2022 (Palazzo Recordings)


Elektro Guzzi deliver one of the most thrilling live performance concepts of techno and an innovative leap in the art of band performance at the very same time. They create a machine-like sound with the instrumentation of a rock band: guitar bass and drums. Since more than ten years they have been performing their very unique kind of hypnotic dance music to amazed audiences at festivals and clubs all over the world.

In recent years the trio has expanded its sound through various collaborative projects: they worked with techno producer Cristian Vogel, recorded and toured with a trombone trio and composed for a 16-piece string orchestra.

For their upcoming album „TRIP“ (the first trio album since 2017)  they return to their core competence of creating driving techno on the spot. Through heavy use of the sequential effect circuits they developed over the years and their peculiar interplay they create a dark and propulsive wall of sound. These tracks make it hard to believe that all of this music is created live without overdubs.


– 2G Regel = GEIMPFT oder GENESEN
– Hygienemaßnahmen (Handhygiene, Flächendesinfektion usw.)
– UV-C Technologie (UV-C Luftreiniger & Luftsterilisatoren beseitigen Viren und Bakterien aus der Raumluft)
– Erweiterung der Lüftungsanlage (für besseren Frischluftaustausch)

So seid Ihr und wir sicher und wir können auch weiter gemeinsam feiern!


Wir sehen uns am Dancefloor!
Bleibt gesund, stabil und alles Liebe!
Euer WERKteam