Nhoa´s Album Release Party x „Highs & Heartbreaks“


  • Freitag 17. November
  • 19:00 Uhr



On November 17th, Nnoa’s debut album „Highs & Heartbreaks“
will be released.

Nnoa (Alternative Rnb/Indie Pop)

Nnoa is a promising Alternative RnB/Indie Pop newcomer from Austria, currently based in Mannheim, Germany. Her sound is the result of growing up listening to Soul, Funk, and RnB music, a 4-year training as a jazz singer, and her passion for vibey, danceable music and catchy hooks. In a playful way, Nnoa combines her countless musical influences in her music to create a sound that is unusual and fresh. You can hear her love for artists such as Amy Winehouse, Erykah Badu, Ariana Grande, Olivia Dean, or Jordan Rakei. With her debut EP Kinks & Queens, audiences already got a taste of Nnoa’s deft, catchy songwriting that explores familiar themes of love, heartbreak, goodbyes, family, feminism, and social criticism. After many shows in Austria & Germany and a support tour with Blanks (NED) in 2023, she’s now going to release her debut album „Highs & Heartbreaks“.

This album is all about the heavy contrasts of life. „Life’s like constantly losing yourself and finding yourself again. But what always remains is love, with all its ups and downs – highs & heartbreaks,“ Nnoa says, laughing. „That’s pretty cheesy, but I think we need more kitsch and pink color again to make our world a little more colorful.“


Mira Taylor (Support)

The 20-year-old Austria based Indie-Pop singer-songwriter Mira Taylor started her music journey when she was 5 years old and smaller in size than her guitar but has since grown into an all-consuming presence in her life. However, it wasn’t until she moved to Austria in 2018 that she started using music as a way to cope with her emotions. Leaving her familiar surroundings behind and immersing herself in a new culture, Mira started writing short melodies, verses and discovered her true voice as a musician throughout these past few years.

Her debut EP “Should’ve Kept It To Myself” was just released on the 28th of July 2023. It is a collection of four songs, two of which have already been released previously in the summer of 2023, that were written about all the topics that make us human: cynicism, selfishness, fear of loneliness. Modern synths combined with melancholic lyrics aim to show the dissonance that any teenager feels growing up in the 21st century.

19:00 Get In
19:30 Support: Mira Taylor
20:00 Nnoa
22:00 End of event
AFTERPARY @ Loop Vienna

TICKETS: VVK 15 € // AK 18