OFF THE GRID – Chapter 2: Force Majeure w/ J-Zbel


  • Samstag 18. Jänner - 19. Jänner 2020
  • 23:00 Uhr

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Our lives are indebted to griddedness. Grids organize space, movement and shape our perception.
Going OFF THE GRID starts to challenge this concept.
It happens then in the most unlikely places, that we all realise we have our own approach.

Shed no fear to embrace the irregular with

J-Zbel (Brothers From Different Mothers/FR – DJ Set)

DJ defizit
dj odd
B. Ranks
Rapha Ramires -unofficial-



hosted by 3 feet hi

H∆NN∆ (Son au Citron)
Kurt Steinwald (3 feet hiService)
Charles YAW (3 feet hi)


No discrimination of any kind. If you feel bothered,
don’t hesitate to inform the crew or the bar staff.


Lyon-via-Marseilles based J-ZBEL have learnt to play with expectations and limitations with the sense of irony that characterises their home base of BFDM (Brothers From Different Mothers), the collective and label which released their debut album “Dog’s Fart So Bad The Cat Throws Up” in 2019. Full-time staples of the Lyon clique, the triplet keep on elaborating non-formulaic blends of old-school rave tropes that defy usual conventions; throwing fragments of acid, jungle, trance, hardcore and even trap rhythms into the particle accelerator to create what’s become their trademark sound: a heavyweight alloy of danciness and leftfield-leaning bizarro; using no shortage of spritzy, explosive pyrotechnics to unleash maximal euphoria and elation on the dancefloor.

J-Zbel’s sets encompass the extended and versatile sound palette of their studio productions and much more than that. With their faces hidden behind wild-west bandit’s bandana, the three ruckus-mongers deftly rally their gear and machines into a screwed-up polyphonic ensemble of sorts, alternating high-velocity ’90s-style mechs with glassy hypermodernism. Full of beans and intrinsically driven by their common taste for risk and challenge, J-Zbel fit no category or artistic league, but are ones on their own.

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