• Dienstag 19. Dezember
  • 20:00 Uhr


Vk 22.-

Ak 25.-

Doors 20.00
Pfarre 20.30
Pharmakon 21.30

(Sacred Bones, USA)

Margaret Chardiet is an interdisciplinary sound artist born and based in New York City. Raised by underground musicians and artists, Margaret was surrounded by a collective of the city’s impassioned, cultural detritus. Instead of following a path of higher education, she began the experimental project Pharmakon in 2006, at the age of 16. Pharmakon as a project, entity, and process, has evolved and exists in true protean form, developing alongside (or more so within) Margaret’s personal experience and auto-didactic philosophies. Her work as a whole is a forced self-possession, a celebration of ferality and viscereality, which performatively abandons a society that has never accepted anything it couldn’t also exploit. Chardiet uses electronic synthesis as a tool to transfer this self-possession physiologically and intra-spatially into the bodies of their audience. Timbre becomes temper. Ferality, a social contagion or biorhythm. Margaret has also played in numerous punk groups that extend out to a greater international D.I.Y. music community, and has composed score and original music for the films Transfiguration (2017), and Sound of Metal (2019).

leider mussten Kollaps krankheitsbedingt absagen. stattdessen:

Kristina Pia Hofer ist Medientheoretikerin an der Universität für
angewandte Kunst Wien und Punkmusikerin (Ana Threat, The Boiler, Pfarre). Sie forscht zu Kollaboration und sinnlicher Wahrnehmung in sonischen Beziehungen.