• Samstag 01. April - 02. April 2023
  • 23:00 Uhr


PUSH ~ April Edition ~

Rave heads and tempo lovers, it’s time for our next Werk takeover. For our April edition we’ve invited DJ Rakita who is currently based in Berlin. Rebekka Jamila aka DJ Rakita labels their sound as .• ́ ☆TM TRANCE kitsch x EMO core – SOFT core x HARD style TM ☆`•. They aim to take the listeners on a journey of deep emotional inquiry through hard, danceable elements. They began their journey in the underground music scene of Zurich. Rakita has now played in various cities and clubs including KAUZ (ZH), Badehaus (BE) and The Loft (VIE). Rakita will play the closing on our main stage after push network’s very own Mischa Beton and GYDAH properly warmed up the floor and set the pace for the night.

We’re also teaming up with EAT network who will host the Luster floor. EAT is a newly founded badass feminist DJ network based in Innsbruck and as our push member BC-A is also one of the founders of EAT, we thought it would be a great opportunity to invite them over for their Vienna kick-off and thus connect even more FLINTA* initiatives across Austria and Europe. EAT aims to EMPOWER FLINTA* DJs by platforming and promoting them, AND while doing so, seeks to TRANSFORM the club scene in and around Innsbruck towards a structurally equal environment. For their Werk showcase, we’re looking forward to welcoming Jojo Mue and Subversiv Nachtaktiv as well as BC-A.

Come early, stay late and be safe. See you all on the dance floor!

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▸ Mischa Beton
▸ DJ Rakita (Zurich | Berlin)

push invites EAT network (Innsbruck)
▸ Jojo Mue
▸ BC-A
▸ Subversiv Nachtaktiv

▸ best bar team in town

10€ < 00:00 > 15€

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We will have an awareness team in place for the safety of all our guests. You can recognize our awareness staff by a pink glow stick they are carrying around. Do not hesitate to contact them at any time if you feel uncomfortable, unsafe or witness a situation where someone needs help or you are just not sure about what is going on.

Please respect the no photo policy of the venue.


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