PUSH invites ECHO Recordings


  • Samstag 06. Mai - 07. Mai 2023
  • 23:00 Uhr


For our next event we teamed up with Groningen based collective and record label Echo Recordings on May 6!

In the first edition of two collaborations planned for this year, PULSES is bringing driving, hard industrial Techno to dasWerk. The experienced DJ and producer, originally from Italy, is more than ready for a striking Vienna debut that will stay in your heads for a while. The more old-schooly part is once again taken over by our very own Hardgroove specialist Caniche. As most of you may know, she wandered off to Berlin one and a half years ago but luckily still honors us with a visit now and then. We also invited Katze, a still quite young DJ who convinced us of her talent at one of our last workshops. We are excited and full of anticipation to witness one of her first club gigs together with you! Furthermore, the Ananas based DJ flauxpas will make their first appearance at a PUSH event. Prepare for even more fast-paced Hardgroove with Tribal elements. The night is completed by our dear resident Gydah, not only an excellent DJ but also mother of two twin babies and simply unstoppable. ??￯ᄌマ??

Come early, stay late and be safe. See you all on the dance floor!
A huge thank you to Rick Lewik for the amazing artwork!

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▸ Caniche

▸ Katze
▸ flauxpas
▸ Gydah

▸ best bar team in town

10€ < 00:00 > 15€

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We will have an awareness team in place for the safety of all our guests. You can recognize our awareness staff by their chain of lights they are carrying with them. Do not hesitate to contact them at any time if you feel uncomfortable, unsafe or witness a situation where someone needs help or you are just not sure about what is going on.

Please respect the no photo policy of the venue.

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