PUSH x ZEMENT (Berlin) invites Linn Elisabet


  • Samstag 04. Feber - 05. Feber 2023
  • 23:00 Uhr


Rave heads and tempo lovers, gather round, because for our next Werk takeover we are teaming up with ZEMENT – a Berlin-based party series focussing on rough Techno and fast-paced Hardgroove.

On our main stage, we are excited to welcome Linn Elisabet with their uncompromising and raw take on Techno. The producer, DJ, singer and live-performer has released their works on labels such as A R T S, Unitas Multiplex, as well as their own Imprint Acts of Rebellion.

To get you going, we’ll have PUSH and EXIL resident Violetta do a three hour warm-up.

The second floor will be all about maximum grooves this time. Our very own Caniche and Mischa Beton will showcase what it means to PUSH the tempo. ZEMENT resident Silent G will take over for a closing ride, ranging between pounding belters and funky tunes.

We will have an awareness team in place for the safety of all our guests. You can recognize our awareness staff by a pink glow stick they are carrying around. Do not hesitate to contact them at any time, if you feel uncomfortable, unsafe or witness a situation where someone needs help or you are just not sure about what is going on.

Come early, stay late and be safe. See you all on the dance floor!

Please respect the no photo policy of the venue.

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⊙ Violetta
⊙ Linn Elisabet (A R T S, Unitas Multiplex, Acts of Rebellion, Berlin)

⊙ Mischa Beton
⊙ Caniche (Berlin)
⊙ Silent G (ZEMENT, Berlin)

best bar team in town

10€ < 00:00 > 15€

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